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Canadian Passports – Dept of External Affairs

Processing times (up to):

• In person 10 business days
• By mail 20 business days
• Via a receiving agent 20 business days
• From the United States 20 business days

Note – all Dept of External Affairs information is subject to change.
Check the web site for accuracy.

Canadian Foreign Affairs

Emergency Assistance 24/7
For emergency help during business hours, call your nearest embassy or consulate directly. Or you can contact our Emergency Operations Centre in Ottawa anytime at:

Telephone from outside Canada:
613.996.8885 (call collect where available)
Email: sos@international.gc.ca

During large-scale emergencies, you may be asked to leave a message.
Please follow the instructions carefully and an operations officer will get back
to you within 15 minutes. Stolen or Lost Passport report to the nearest Canadian government office abroad, and local authorities.

Travel Reports and Warnings

Canadian Government Offices Abroad

Airline Luggage Policies
It is important to check the baggage policies of your airline when you are preparing to travel. Each airline has its own policies, charges and restrictions. You should be aware that there are often penalities for heavy luggage, multiple bags, or oddly shaped items. Below are links to the baggage information of different passenger airlines. If your airline is not listed, please contact us and we can direct you to the right information.

For official airline baggage information, click on the name of your airline below:

Global Visas

Too busy to arrange for our own travel Visas? Zebrano and our supplier Visa Connection in Yorkville can assist. It’s important to check to see if you need a VISA while travelling. Many countries also require that your Passport is still valid for 6 months from the time of your trip. Let us know if we can assist.

LEGAL: terms and conditions / responsibility and disclosure

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